You are currently browsing documentation for the 1.5 branch. Documentation for the stable 1.6 branch can be found here.

Kubernetes setup

Please note that Kubernetes setup is not yet well supported or documented, all tests currently run on Docker Compose. The configuration has not yet been updated to work properly with ngin authentication proxy.

Prepare the environment

The resource configurations in this folder assume that you have Kubernetes Ingress set up for your cluster. If you are not using the NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes, please ensure that the configuration specified in the file matches your set up.

Setup the Kubernetes service

Using the resource configurations is simple:

  1. kubectl apply -f kubernetes-nginx-ingress-controller.yaml to configure an ingress controller with the proper settings. (If you have one set up already you may need to port the configuration to your own ingress).
  2. kubectl apply -f kubernetes-mailu.yaml to create the resources required to run Mailu.

Based on the configuration, your Mailu instance should be available at mail.<hostname>.tld/admin (note that visiting just mail.<hostname>.tld will likely result in a 404 error).